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Kitchen & Bathroom


We have access to a wide variety of high quality well known fixtures including but not limited to Western Pottery , Kohler and Delta. Choose from looks such as copper, brushed nickel, stainless and much more . Toilets such as High boys or standard and most any tub or shower you could possibly imagine. We have even made our own custom industrial styled sink and tub taps for a special cabin once and it looked amazing.

Furnace Maintenance, Replacement & Installation

Well known for our quality work with both residential and commercial furnace systems.  We are very accurate and honest with what will be the best and most affordable product for your home. Being so experienced helps us get your furnace work done with the most accuracy , quickly and affordably to make sure your not left in the cold. If your replacing an old furnace not to worry we got you covered right down to the mess let us take care of you, But don't forget to keep your furnace maintained with regular service appointments to help keep the life of your furnace extended to its full potential. 

Preventative Maintenance

Offering a number of preventative maintenance services for both residential and commercial spaces, for all types of furnaces, boilers & tankless water heaters. Don't let the life of your systems be cut short by something that could have easily been prevented with regular quick and affordable Service Appointments!

 Here at Nytro Plumbing & Heating we are also one of only a few local technicians that are currently certified & recognized by PNG for their amazing rebate program. Make sure to ask us about our available options

Water Heating Installation & Replacements

Another one of our so many recognized talents , we are able to quickly assess old systems to come up with the most practical and affordable plans for our clients.  Wether it may be simply replacing with another water heater system of the same nature or upgrading to a whole new advanced system we are more than willing and flexible to help you realize your needs.

Boiler maintenance, Replacement & Installations

Regardless if you are starting from scratch , wanting to upgrade your outdated system or you want to keep your system regularly maintained we are here for you ! We have installed many of boilers from the smaller, more simple with one pump  to the very large much more complex with 8 pumps , installed in shops , businesses and homes all alike. Lets not forget to have these systems maintained with regular service appointments too because why wouldn't you want to get the most life possible with the least amount of trouble, especially when it is quick and affordable.

Tankless Water Heater

 Maintenance & Installations

Who wants to save space ? everyone can use a little extra room so why not move to a tankless water heater ! We can hook you up with a new system , replace an old system or get your current system assessed and maintained before you have no choice.  Contact us and we can come  determine what might be the best, quickest and most affordable options for you before your left showering in cold water.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Furnace Service


Plus Applicable Taxes

Ask About Our PNG Rebates !! 

Boiler Service


Plus Applicable Taxes

Ask About Our PNG Rebates !!

Tankless water Heater Service


Plus Applicable Taxes

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